BenLee Success Office Furniture Co., Ltd.

We are a furniture manufacturing factory that is located in Shunde of Guangdong,

The material centre of China. Established in 2003, we have 15 years experience in this field.

We had devoted to exploring oversea markets since 2003 and for the 15 years,

We have developed the markets in the Middle East and African countries such as

Yemen, DUBAI, Kuwait, Algeria, Nigeria, Oman, Arabia, Sudan. Besides,

Our products have successfully gone among the markets of USA, UK, Yugoslavia, Slovenia, A

Ustralia and many other European countries. On study of these years′ exporting experience,

We classify specialized product lines according to the demand of different countries and regions.

We have office desks of PAPER FINISHED & WOODEN VENEER and office chairs classified with IMPORTED LEATHER,


All our products can meet the needs of different grades for each country.

The above are based on our years of experience and has been favorably recognized by our customers that

We are a most competitive factory that can offer the best price in same level of material and quality with other competitors.
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