Kunshan Yeahmax Furniture Co., Ltd.

Kunshan, Jiangsu based Yeahmax Furniture Co., Ltd. Was founded by Alan Duan in 2007. Over the years, Kunshan Yeahmax Furniture Co., Ltd. Has expanded into a variety of categories and market and continues to grow.

Kunshan Yeahmax Furniture Co., Ltd. Serves a variety of customers in the institutional and retail markets, as well as an OEM supplier for some of the large furniture manufacturers in the U. S. Yeahmax′s product line consists of a variety of seating, office, classroom and storage-related items, including office chairs, stack chairs, sofas, ottomans, shelfs, night stands and metal components for tables and desks. Our products are suitable for both office and home use.

At Yeahmax, we put quality, service and value above all else. Our experienced management team is committed to manufacturing products to meet our customer expectations. We′re constantly evaluating products, refining processes and striving to improve the overall experience you have with us so we can better support your needs.

"Partner with Yeahmax...An easy company to do business with that consistantly delivers value.
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